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The pursuit of dreams never stops.

In the beginning, we only held local track days for local Chinese groups. Many of the people who were interested in the track days had no relevant experience. We held a track day with classes and instruction so everyone can enjoy motorsports and the thrills of speed.

Laps times are always inseparable from the race track. Time Attack is a competition to achieve the fastest lap. 

Since our first Time Attack competition in 2018,  we have exposed many people to the joys of motorsports. This is the driving force of Northern Speed, pushing us forward to grow larger and help more people experience it for themselves! 

We sincerely hope that we can achieve faster results with you and let glory and dreams advance together.

BEYOND Timeattack series, we build record and standard

In addition to building the local Time Attack Racing Series in Canada, we also formed a racing team of our own and achieved proud results in North America. Our Integra Type R Time Attack racer at the Road America sub-station of the GridLife Time Attack Series in the United States, creating the fastest production car ever in the track with an amazing lap time of 2 minutes, 08 seconds 107, surpassing Porsche 991.2 GT2RS driven by their official driver is nearly 7 seconds.

Our other EVO8 car is also built to the highest standards. Although it has not yet been completed, it has already achieved excellent results. The local TMP Cayuga track scored 1 minute and 10 seconds. We will continue to push it to the pinnacle of the world. 

Our quest for the pinnacle of speed will never stop. In 2020, Northern Speed will bring new heights and standards again, leaving a chapter in the history of Time Attack.

TimeATTACK SERIES, We hope bring you hype

Whenever and wherever, Northern Speed has always been the most exciting event for car enthusiasts, whether it's Hard Core's Time Attack event or the general events that everyone can participate in, the great car aftermarket is inseparable.


The support of everyone who loves it, let us work together to carry forward this wonderful thing.

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