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The Final Race in 2019

Download the Final Racing Results (Unlimited Class raced in the Rain)

Download the Qualify Results (All dry condition lap time)

Download the Qualify 2 Results (All dry condition lap time)

Fifty-six racers in 5 different classes, 39 racers got qualified into the final race.

We see lots of great cars in this Time Attack Race, from top-level production car like Porsche 991.2 GT2RS, a high-end luxury hypercar like The One of One Mansory 720S in Canada and also serious Time Attack racing machine like James Houghton's Integra Type R, Kangs Racing's EVO 8, Farooq Manzar Racing team's Corvette C6.


Unfortunately, there was a huge rainstorm before the Unlimited Class racing, the track ground was very slippery and the water was severe.

James Houghton (Integra Type R) finished his wet lap in crazy 1:35:281 and won the 1st podium in Unlimited Modified class. Farooq Manzar (Corvette C6) did his lap time of 1:57:034 on his slicks rubber.

Kangs Racing EVO 8 lost it's hood and can't run in the rain, regret to withdraw from the race, but it works well when the track is dry. Well, James' car is amazing in both dry and wet conditions, see above video to check out his crazy aero setup under the tray.

James Houghton was able to test the Kangs Racing EVO 8 Time Attack car and provided some suggestions to them to improve this amazing racing machine. As an event organizer, we are very happy to see our event can improve the community and make the community more united.


There are two very special production cars raced in the event.

A Porsche 991.2 GT2RS, driven by Xin Liang from Team M-Tech. He was able to set a lap time of 1.52.037 on this wet TMP Cayuga track, ranked third in the competition.

The Mclaren 720s was modified by Mansory, a luxury supercar modification brand from Europe. As the One of One Mansory 720s, it was driven by Wancheng Zheng,  a pro race car driver from China Super GT Championship and sets a lap time of 1:50:765 with 2nd Rank in the class.

The championship of Unlimited Production class is Micheal Manalo, his Stage 4 Porsche 991.1 Turbo S shown crazy speed in wet condition with correct tires selection on the water. (Both GT2RS and 720s are with slick tires)

Micheal Manalo was able to set a lap time of 1:48:888 on wet condition.

Stage 4 Turbo S with street tires bring great advantage to him on both stabilization control and straight speed.


Did I just see a Civic Type R racing with Porsche Turbo and GT series cars?

Yes, it happened. In the face of sudden weather changes, everything can happen. The weather is not always working with you. When the weather gets worse, if you don't have the right preparation, the advantage of the vehicle may be eliminated.

So this happened, but for the reason why Type R competed with 911, please see our blog post released soon.

Champion of the Limited Class, fastest lap time during the competition. Tony Tao (991.2 Turbo S) from Team M-Tech finished in dry-wet condition with 1:17:640 and won the FASTEST LAP TIME $1500 CASH PRIZE!


Nicholas Hui, the Championship of CLUBSPORT Class.

Lap Time: 1:18:408


Stock power but race prepared E46 M3 proves one thing, even with limited power Naturally Aspirated, you still can win.


Carson Chen, the Championship of CLUBSPORT Class.

Lap Time: 1:21:542

Car: Honda Civic Type R

Team: M-Force

​Stage II tuned by M-Force shop, this Civic Type R also removed its wing to reduce the air drag.

ATTENTION: The original street class 1st rank Billy's lap time did not recognize because he was disqualified from using tires that exceeded the specification limit. Therefore, his ranking was canceled and all rankings were moved backward.

Welcome to



Thank You Sex Smith and NVAuto, bring this crazy drifting show to all the spectators and make unforgettable memories to all the lucky one feels the real high-speed drifting.


Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you again in 2020.

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