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 Round 2

Time Attack 

July 27th, 9AM-5PM

Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga





​Free Run to test your cars, No Grouping on lapping, only control the amount on the track.


Time Attack Qualifying


All TA Car Photo Together


Sport Car Track Battle


Time Attack from G5-G1




Championship Awards Ceremony

 Round 2 Northern Speed Event

On July 27th, we will return to our familiar Toronto Motorsports Park and we will work hard to build the legendary Time Attack series in Canada. The new laser timer gives you an accurate lap time, and the multi-camera broadcast on the spot makes the track no blind spot. Only with Northern Speed.

Time Attack

The pursuit and challenge of speed have never stopped. Time Attack Tickets is now only available for $199, all-day preparation time, four major groups, no tire limits, challenge laps to win beautiful trophies, cash rewards, and Dragy GPS Performance Meter as your prize. Glory waiting for you to come to challenge!


Track Day HPDE

From the High-Performance Driving Event, we are your best track day choice, Best in class, friendly to beginner!
Buy HPDE tickets for $70 (only available to drive in Yellow Time) and learn driving skills on the track! Drive with the top drivers on the same track. 


Sports Car Track Battle

The first round of Northern Speed Sports Car Track Battle (Door to Door Race) now comes in Round 2 event. Just like the qualifying of regular competition, the order of the start will be determined by the results of TimeAttack. The different groups of cars fought in Cayuga, looking for the fastest drivers in the four-lap super scuffle.


Spectators / Paddock

General Admission is $20, on-site cash only. However, as the first special event, our vendors and sponsors pay the cost of spectators, so it would be free in this race. Parking available and come to show and shine your car to win a free Dragy GPS performance meter! Again, its all FREE.
​*If you want reg into raffle for spectators prize, you still need reg in "buy tickets". It is Free.

 Need More Information?


In order to join the racing event for both Time Attack or Track battle, you have to put our provided door cards shown on the car doors properly, our staff will help to stick the door cards to make sure our timing system number is matching your actually racing number for correct final scores.
The door cards will cost $20 generally with the selected number. For the July 27th event, if you register before the event we will provide a set of free door cards with a random number! We will try to put your desired number however its will not be guaranteed. 

45 cm x 45 cm door cards sample, we may add our sponsor content on the door card.



Jackie Ding


Super Lap Battle 2019 Competitor

SCCA Pro Time Trail License

Global Time Attack, Grid Life Competitor


Alex Li


Super Lap Battle 2019 Competitor

SCCA Pro Time Trail License

Global Time Attack, Grid Life Competitor

 First time racing? No Worry!

Are you first time racing a time attack event with nervous and upset?​ No worries! Famous and friendly time attack racers in NA, Jackie, and Alex from PHD Racing will be on-site to help you on how to drive fast and safe! They are all licensed pro time trail drivers, get your lap time improved with their professional suggestions!
Limited quantities, make sure come early and feel free to find help because every top racer grows from you. 

Unlimited AM Class
#1  400$ Petro Canada Gift Card
#2  Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones NBA Edition
#3  200$ Canadian Tire Gift card

Unlimited Pro Class
#1  VP Racing gas 38 Liters
#2  Beats Pill+ Portable speaker
#3  150$ Canadian Tire Gift Card 

Limited Class
#1  300$ Petro Canada Gift Card
#2  Power Beats3 Wireless Earphones
#3  100$ Canadian Tire Gift Card
Club Sport Class
#1  200$ Petro Canada Gift Card
#2  Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker
#3  100$ Yorkdale Gift Card
Street Class
#1  100$ Petro Canada Gift Card
#2  Bose Soundlinks Micro Bluetooth speaker
#3  50$ Yorkdale Gift Card


Lap of the Day?

$1500 CASH


Super Lap Battle

Dragy GPS Performance Meter for Top 3 winner

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