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Northern Speed 2020

Event #1 - TMP TA Race

Saturday, May 23, 2020

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

First Time Attack after Ontario Re-Open!

E2 TMP.png

The First Racing Day of Northern Speed 2020 Event after Ontario Reopening!


  • Time Attack: Our Target is the one perfect lap. (Free full-day timing by Northern Speed MyLaps System)

  • No spectators event, this is a close event for health safety regulations! (We have our photo man cover you for FREE!)

  • Each TA race car driver can bring up to 3 Crew members for free.

  • You will get a random assign number from 1-60 for your door card. (Due to COVID 19 Shutdown, printing business are closed so we can only do this way, sorry racers! The door card is free this time!)

  • If the event can't run(b/c of new public health situation etc), you get your payment full refund, so No Worry Racers!

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