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NSTA 2021 Announcement

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience with our schedule!

As everyone knows the pandemic has affected events pretty hard, and we were no stranger to that last year. With the ongoing situation and constant change in information from governments across the province, we have decided to run a very limited year for 2021. We will focus on making our events at TMP being as best as possible instead of running more dates. As you can see we are also expanding into Drag Racing!

Some quick FAQ:

  • Detailed Rules will be posted soon! But expect it to be basically the same as last year. Including the Street and Street Plus classes

  • Drag dates details will be coming in April. Both dates will have a prepped track!

  • Registration will be open in late March, and we expect it to fill up FAST, if you plan on competing please let us know as soon as you can!

We thank you for your continued support!

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