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July 27th Time Attack Event

Announcement and Results


Please read this announcement for the 27th THE Failure of the timing system and our compensation to all competitors.

1.09.6 Champion

James Houghton

Winning without a doubt

The K-Tuned supported Time Attack Type R team and James Houghton ran a 1.09.6 lap in Round 2 at TMP Cayuga.

Read the post by James Houghton and K Tuned Racing 

Sports Car Track Battle (W2W RACE)

A Short but intense competition with multiple kinds of cars

Five racers participated in the competition. They were Wancheng Zheng (McLaren 720s @ 24K x Lion Leasing), Andy (AMG GTR @ YD Motorsports), Alex LI (WRX @ PHD RACING), Robin Pu (RS5 Sportback @ YD Motorsports ) and Duke Liu (Huracan LP610 @ Northern Speed).

After three laps of the intense race with free overtaking, Wancheng Zheng won 1st place, Andy and Duke took away 2nd and 3rd place.

You may ask how fast is the new Supra A90 ?! Well...It‘s a pace car, we may see it compete next time!

Racing is boring without risk

Back to Time Attack

This time we will NOT post anyone's lap time

Why? The reason is simple, for Time Attack, the most important thing is the precision of timing. It is absolutely unacceptable that the time is deviated due to the damage of our timing system. 

(Read the post above for details and compensation)

The Most Exciting

911 VS 720s VS Integra VS AMG GTR VS EVO 8 VS WRX VS S2000 

Different types of racing machines in on the same lap

People always ask, who is faster?

This time we got the answer...


K-Tuned Integra?

This one is super fast. We believe it can be even faster than a GT2RS. With over 700 horsepower and incredible ECU control, James' car is one of the worlds top competing FWD cars.



Kangs Racing EVO?

The Evo's second time at the race track has shown some issues that need to be addressed. The team will work hard the next weeks to have it ready! We will see it back to compete on 8.17! 


McLaren 720s?

As a vehicle that can be legally driven on the road, its speed is absolutely among the best in the world today. However, in the face of the crazy aerodynamics of the unlimited modified group, 720s will need more grip.

Final Results

******Due to failed timing system, this event rank is only for reference. Details see above post. *****

Sports Car Track Battle

Wancheng Zheng (24K Motorsports Lion Leasing) | Mclaren 720s
Andy (YD Motorsports) | AMG GTR
Duke Liu (Northern Speed x Kangs Racing) | Huracan LP610
Unlimited Modified 
James Houghton (K-Tuned) | Integra
Yibin Fu (Northern Speed x Kangs Racing) | EVO 8
Unlimited Production

Wancheng Zheng (24K Motorsports Lion Leasing) | Mclaren 720s
Xin Liang (M-Tech) | Porsche 991.2 GT3RS
Billy Wong | Porsche 991.2 GT3RS

Alex Li (PHD Racing) | Subaru WRX
Kelvin Wang (YD Motorsports) | Porsche 991.2 Turbo S
Tony Tao (M-Tech) | Porsche 991.2 Turbo S

Jackie Ding (PHD Racing) | S2000
Walter Wong (M-Tech) | BMW M4
Martin | Nissan 370z

Jared | Civic Type R
Dafei Feng | Mitsubishi EVO X
Billy | Civic Type R

Don't see your photos?

Check out the Google Drive Link here for all photos (continuously updating)

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