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Vendors and Sponsors

Northern Speed 2021

Vendors Platform

As the fastest growing grassroots motorsport event in Canada, Northern Speed is the best choice for your business to reach first-line customers and provide you with excellent publicity. Whether you are a local shop or big names in the aftermarket, we provide you with the solution that best meets your needs, and our audience will be absolutely impressed with your brand.

Series Event Vendor Pricing

In 2021, Northern Speed will bring you 5 local events.

Our series include:

  • April 25 TMP HPDE 

  • May 23 TMP Time Attack + RCSS Drag

  • Jun 12 SMP Time Attack

  • July 17-19 TMP Festival 

  • Sept 25-27 Calabogie Lifestyle Rally + Time Attack

10x10 - $600

10 x 10 Space for tent or equipment

5 General Admission Tickets

10x30 - $850

10 x 30 Space for tent or equipment

10 General Admission Tickets

10x20 - $750

10 x 20 Space for tent or equipment

8 General Admission Tickets

20x40 - $1000

20 x 40 Space for tent or equipment

20 General Admission Tickets

Multiple Events Discount

1 Event

2 Events

3 Events

4 Events

Full Price

5% Off

15% Off

20% Off + Free HPDE Vendor

Racing Shop/Team Vendor Special Plan

For all race shop or team which has racers and racing cars applied in our series, there is a special discount.

  • 5% Off as general price when you have 1 race car with you and applied

  • 8% Off with 2 cars

  • 10% Off for 3 and more

Also, any driver who registered into the entire season (Exc. Sept Calabogie*) will get 8 free spectators tickets for your crew members for each event.

For Example, your shop has 2 race cars and a 10x10 booth, if you apply all our 2020 event your price will be :

Racing Tickets ($969 each car before April 15th, Exc. Calabogie) + $600 (10x10 Booth) * 4 * 80% (Multiple Events Discount) * 92% (Racing Team discount) = $3704 + Tax

Example Package includes:

  • 2 Race Car Seasonal Pass (Exc. Sept Calabogie)

  • 2 x 8 Crew Pass each event

  • Total 20 Spectator tickets

  • 10 x 10 Booth space 

  • Free HPDE Event booth space

  • Special Report on Northern Speed WeChat channel

*Due to Sept Event includes hotel, food etc, the cost will be based on personal demand. Full Price listing will be released in early spring.

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